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Hey, I'm Nathan.

I'm a Senior Interaction & Experience Designer, with a hint of Creative Director, living in Victoria, BC.
(This site is really out of date. But it's what I've got, right now. So I'm running with it.)

Now you can scroll till your heart's content (sorry about that).

I’m a seasoned freelance and agency tech-savvy creative with a proven track record for translating complex ideas into great experiences for audiences.

I’ve also gathered and motivated interdisciplinary teams, built and managed brands from the ground up, worn every hat on the rack, and leapt tall buildings in a single bound.

I've worked with some pretty fantastic brands including Kik Interactive & The Kin Ecosystem Fountation, Hearts & Science, Lenovo, iManage, Trustpipe, Hyperscience, Whiffcraft, Warp Academy, eBillity, Google's Wildfire, 1E Solutions, Thomson Reuters, Victoria Division of Family Practice, Alberta Parks, Uptake/Groupon and Dominos Pizza Australia. I'd love to list them all, but every brand's story is worth more than just a name in a list. And it's been 20 years, that would be a really long list.

And of course, I've made some stuff over the years.

I know one-up images don't give the full idea of how awesome these clients and their projects are, but it's a start. Heads Up: I am unable to publish a lot of my work due to NDA agreements, so the vast majority of UI work can't be shown here. But you get that. ;)

It's been easy to let my personal portfolio slide while I had a good few years (ok, a lot of years, it was built with bootstrap 3.3.2 ... ) of in-house agency work at One Net Inc, and away-from-computer time on the weekends. For now, you may have to connect with me for more specific work examples.

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