Working with One Net Marketing, we helped eBilllity reinvent its web-based time tracking product by redesigning the entire user experience including a new site, product interface and a full suite of mobile applications.

eBillity.com had a great idea, and a lot of clients.  But their software didn’t meet their vision.  With One Net, we gathered customer feedback in forms, user reviews, and requests to the customer base.  And then we got to work.

eBillity’s most important goal, was to get users in the door – so we started with a revamp of their website.  As the front facing image of the software, it was hugely important for it to look the part.  And more importantly, to convert.


Psst. The timer to your left shows how long you’ve been on this page. Ready to track it?

The concept is based around time.  Being time tracking software, your clients will be those in charge of logging the time.  What better way to hit the subject home, with reminding the customer of how much time they are spending on the page – and that it’s recordable.


  • User Feedback Surveys
  • Needs Assessment
  • Information Architecture & Sitemapping
  • Prototyping
  • Rebranding
  • Web Application UX/UI
  • IPhone & Android UI/UX