Finally in progress.


I’ve let my personal portfolio slide for too long.

My previous portfolio dated back to mid 2009.  Finally, during my current switch in hosting providers, I felt this was a good time to begin working on an updated one.  Part of the process is to create case studies for each of my recent projects.  It will take a bit, but it’s something I can finally dedicate some time to.

I went with an extremely simple interface.  Why don’t I show off my talents you ask?  Simple.  On my personal site, I can show how much I believe in – you guessed it, simplicity.  By limiting the interface, I’ll be able to focus more on the content.  And he content speaks for itself, as any good portfolio should allow the work to do.

So, please bear with me while I get this site populated.  And check back often.


For real tho.

Let’s do some more things, ok?

Ok, so I think I’ve got most of this sorted now.  Not entirely sure though.