Hi, I’m Nathan✌– A senior product design leader. I’m currently working on cryptocurrency products, systems & marketing materials with Blockstream.

Previously, I was designing digital marketing, products, and design systems that help keep things out of landfills with Used.ca.

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Heads up:  My portfolio usually takes the backseat to current work, so it’s not frequently maintained. With that out of the way, work samples are important, so I have a few additional recent samples.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Used.ca is a Canada-wide group of websites for buying & selling used goods with multiple platforms, differing business needs and multiple stakeholder goals. I’m currently helping them unify and grow the product from individual instances to an integrated, familiar platform. Say hello to the Reusable Design System.

Kicking it up a notch with Kik Messenger.

How does a messaging app stand out in a massively overcrowded landscape of competitors? Find your audience and speak to them directly. 

Instead of touting features and saying the same thing as everyone else, we focused on emotion. Utilizing user personas to target and ultimately speak to the right audiences with copy, design and emoji’s.

Hands on with an Xbox game launch.

Planned and created by the ARG experts No Mimes Media, we had the opportunity to help launch XBOX’s new Sea of Thieves game into the world. That’s me in the bottom right acting a role and filming for an alternate reality game clue. “Yarr.”

Sometimes nothing is the right answer.

How do you design for something with no interface, no packaging, and no tangible product? Let the product speak for itself. 

When it comes to the security sector, no one wants to see flashing alarms or emergency indicators. Instead of inducing fear in their customers (as is common with security products), we went the opposite way. ‘Nothing’ obviously paid off. EvengX acquired TrustPipe one year after we helped them launch.

Open source empathy.

When user interviews define two equally important audiences, balance is key. A site-wide toggle allowed us to talk to both potential customers of Solidus.io.

Decision Makers wanted testimonials from ecommerce stores building on Solidus, but for developers, a live GitHub commit feed and bios for the core contributors were most important. 

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