A free, open-source ecommerce platform that gives you complete control over your store.

The Stembolt team hired us to define Solidus’ messaging, branding and to create a new website for the Solidus open source community so their platform could have a fresh look that would appeal to multimillion dollar ecommerce companies. With our audience hats on, we set to work to position Solidus in the best light possible.

My role –

Concept team lead

Design team lead 

Results –

Before we could finish the project, the Stembolt team was acquired by Juul, and the project was backlogged. 

Congrats guys!

Know your users. All of them.

Born of a community of developers, the existing Solidus website did a fantastic job of catering to coders, but it missed the decision makers who ultimately make the final choice of platform. Our job was to present Solidus as an option that would appeal to decision makers so Solidus could compete with the other big platforms like Magento and WooCommerce.After all, the platform had the guts, support and the right price (free). It just needed a compelling presentation that appealed to both audiences while maintaining the culture of open source. If we went too far to the corporate side, developers would run the other way!