OMG viruses everywhere. Quickly, scroll away!

In the highly competitive realm of enterprise security the primary sales motive used by established brands like McAfee, Symantec and Cisco is fear. Our client was breaking the mold, so we had to too.

When TrustPipe explained how their algorithms worked differently than heuristic-based detection to block attack vectors at the endpoint, we knew their product was truly unique. That idea is what inspired us to go a very different direction with the brand.

We focused on the result instead of the cause.

My role –

Market research

Strategic planning 

Team lead, brand & web design

Results –

Immediate client sign off

Hugely successful launch

Client acquired within 1 year  

Stepping into the light.

When you’re a CIO or a CSO…or a CISO (it’s a thing), your job is to keep your organization safe from cyber attacks. When your network is protected, your intellectual property, customer data, employee records and hardware are safe. In other words, It means nothing bad is happening. This little revelation led us to pitch the tagline “We make nothing happen”.

The client loved it. No revisions. No refinement. Our content strategy was set.

“Making nothing happen” became the inspiration for the design and sales narrative for the new site. Rather than the dark, doom-and-gloom palette that occupies the majority of competitor sites, we decided our design approach would say ‘Come to the light’.

Keeping it light.

Light in design 

A light color palette with subtle micro interactions and an innovative follow-along sub-navigation (reminiscent of a left hand nav of the 90s for those paying attention) finished off the remainder of the design of the website.


Light in content 

It’s great when every page of a website has more or less the same amount of words. It’s also nice when everyone interacts with content in the exact same way. Situations like this can present some fun opportunities to play around with different effects to feed the reader content in bite-sized pieces.

We were thrilled to hear when EvengX acquired TrustPipe, as hoped, one year after the launch of the new website.