It starts with the smallest thing. A dog that needs a home. A woman giving away baby clothes. A free bike. A lost wedding ring. I just moved here. I’m leaving town. I’ll help you. You help me. We’ll help them. This is how a community connects. This is is currently a network of sites under the Used[cityname].com moniker. is the most prominent of the collection. We currently have hundreds of sites, a powered-by network, 2 SaaS implementations, and 2 Apps.

That's changing. The biggest step forward the company has ever taken is in the works., jovially nicknamed "one site to rule them all" has taken it's first steps.

I hope (edit: had hoped) to catalog those steps here.

My role –

User Research

Concept Development 

Design Lead

Results –

– complete design system for web/mobile

– reduced time-to-deploy for web by having a single responsive site vs a desktop & mobile site

– visual unification between desktop and mobile views

– functional unification between mobile apps & web properties

– initial design system for iOS & Android

– covid-19, full stop. 🙁


Users make the best stories, but personas make for a great team building exercise.

We (were) just getting started. 

And then... COVID-19, and the world fell apart.